My name is Mari-Aton Jalkanen and I am a finnish born distant healer and

ANGEL THERAPY  PRACTITIONER and CSETI-Ambassador to the universe.   


I transmit Ofelas-healing which is like a healing code for a combination of several methods and components which all come from the same Divine Source.

Everybody can tune into
Ofelas-energy. I received that name  with pendulum when stydying "The Grace Process" from "Ask your Angels"-book.

The world is full of words, methods and mind bending...

 Ofelas-healing is a silent form of communication between hearts and souls.

It removes energy parasites from your auric field and earth-cosmos channel.

Ofelas-energy helps you to release negative thought forms and harmonize your central nervous system.

 Maximum amount of bio-energy shall be transmitted to you.

(Distant healing test Stockholm-India 2009)

Here you can see pictures before and after distant healing. (Aura photo)


Ofelas will help you to align with your own Source and allow your self healing to manifest: miracles start to happen when you can ignite your own inner Sun!

How to order Ofelas distant healing:  send an e-mail to